Thursday, April 26, 2012

New and improved haircut

A few weeks ago I did my usual in the bath tub haircut for Mattingly. haha I wanted it shorter this time....well the sides were awful! He doesn't like the clippers daddy has b/c they are too loud so I bought some new ones. He said they were still too loud. But we tested them out today and he said they weren't too loud. I coaxed him into letting me use them by giving him a new play dough picnic kit. It's still not great so I may just leave it to daddy from now on. Or I guess I can keep practicing and eventually get it. haha Oh the 2nd picture he posed and said "it's so cute isn't it?".


Linda said...

Mattingly, where did all of your hair go? I like hair. Couldn't it be just a little longer? Maybe it will be for your birthday. You could hide the clippers from mommy and then she couldn't cut your hair.

JRDisch said...

he's such a poser. :) Love that guy!