Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big Brother

Mattingly is officially a big brother! On October 8 baby sister Myla was born! After a day at Rose's Berry Farm he played at home for a little bit and was off to "daddy's grandma's"(workin on that) house to spend the next 2 nights. He came to the hospital to visit in the morning. He wasn't exactly sure about Myla but he jumped up on my bed with me and wanted to hold her. Since we've been home he's been both a help and a pain. He wants to hold her but of course she's always sleeping, he does throw away her dirty diapers and wants to change them (maybe in a few months). He's also taken a big step and is doing his best to sleep in his own bed at night. Yes, he had been sleeping with me and Mark. He simply cannot wait until she can play. He puts his toys on her in the crib or in the bouncy seat with her. You have to keep both eyes on that kid! haha It's certainly been a lot for me to handle. My mom has been over to at least help with housework since Mattinlgy doesn't really want to play with her much. He does like attention from my friends though!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rose's Berry Farm

Last Saturday(the 8th) I decided I wanted to take Mattingly on a hayride b/c who knew when I'd have another chance being 40 weeks pregnant. And it was such a beautiful day! Brittany came with us last minute and we headed to Rose's Berry Farm in Glastonbury. We sat down to eat an apple cider donut and drink some apple cider first. (Roger's Orchard has better stuff) The bees were crazy so we headed out on the hay ride. Mattingly didn't want to go at first b/c there was a man dressed as a scarecrow that he saw hop on with the people. But he only rode the last few seconds. I convinced him to get on and we went on a bumpy ride to the corn maze. That was pretty boring and we could hear mice squeaking. We could have picked a pumpkin but we already had some so we headed back. Mattingly still won't get his face painted and he only with a little coaxing would stick his head in the empty holes with the picture of different things. Oh and he wouldn't pose in front of the corn or any signs so he took pictures of me and Britt.

Durham Fair

We had to park at Tilcon in Wallingford and I had to push the stroller over all these rocks to get to the bus; 38 weeks pregnant!

Mattingly and my big pregnant self trekked it to the Durham Fair (Sept.25 I think) I really wanted to go and eat a fried something and the past 2 years we have gone with Tracy and Oneal so we went with them again. It was the HOTTEST day ever!!! Well humid I should say. We did lots of walking. Mattingly didn't want to go on rides or really do much except look at the animals. He really enjoyed the baby chicks. We didn't eat a whole lot. A chocolate covered banana, coconut gelato, frozen lemonade, water, a fried twinkie and popcorn. I didn't feel like eating much being so hot and the stuff I did was all junk food. It was still a nice time. (on a side note it seems like whenever Tracy and I go to the fairs it's really hot and when we go to Yankee games it rains)