Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We took Mattingly a few weeks ago to get a "real" haircut. It was $16 for children but she gave us a discount b/c he was little. Don't fall over with the major discount. It was $15!! hahaha Anyway she basically did what I have been doing but she used the razor a little first and then the scissors. Mattingly was great. He sat in Mark's lap and didn't move.


We have definitely had our share of snow here in CT. So much so that Mattingly has not really even been able to play in it. Grandma Fitch bought him a snowman kit that we sadly haven't used yet. We were both so excited to use it....It has also been very cold and windy not making the playing outside conditions any better. We attempted to make snow angels after one storm; I was the only who did it though.

Chapstick and a vacuum (separately)

Pictures are worth a thousand words....