Monday, August 27, 2012

Fun times

Swinging at grandma's, fun at Kyleigh's picnic, and doing tattoo chalk art in the driveway are all fun things we've done this past week. Also Mattingly discovered that his lizards stick to the ceiling. The purple and orange ones have been up for 3 days now.

Water play

I took the water table out I took from work when they closed and filled it up one night for the kids to play in. They both really enjoyed it. Myla drank a lot of the water of course. And Mattingly liked spraying her.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Daddy's Birthday

Two weeks ago was Mark's birthday. I wanted to do something so I decided we'd do a little surprise party at one of his favorite restaurants. Saybrook Fish House. He was completely surprised which was fun! I told him Laura and Jesse just got back from their honeymoon and wanted to go out to eat. (even though they were still on their honeymoon) Mark's cousin Tracy came over the day before to help me with an idea I found on pinterest. To make cupcakes into the shape of a baseball glove. It came out cute. It was a well deserved nice time for Mark. Oh and I had to keep it a surprise from Mattingly too b/c I thought he might slip so he was a little disappointed when he didn't see Jesse but Oneal made up for it. (PS. It was Mark's 40th)

Dinosaur Place

At the beginning of August Mattingly (and me and Myla) met Jake (and his mom) at Dinosaur Place to play on the splash pad. They did that for about an hour and then played on the playground for a while. Later we did the maze. It was sooooo hot I don't know why they didn't stay in the water longer. This winter we are going to try the indoor activities they have to offer.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Anticapated Wedding!

Laura and Jesse got married July 26th. It was a long anticipated wedding for Mattingly. He couldn't wait to go. It was a super hot and humid day but perfect for an outdoor beach wedding. Mattingly looked so handsome in the suit Uncle Joel picked out for him! Everyone loved it. He had a great time dancing and watching Laura and Jesse at the head table. He'd point and smile. Mattingly even had a little fun with the flower girl's basket.