Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas in Chicago!

On Dec.28th we ventured out in the car to Chicago for a Christmas celebration with my immediate family and aunt. The drive wasn't too bad! We left at 12:30am Tues morning and arrived in Chicago at 3pm. Mark drove most of the way. Somehow he was able to stay awake. Mattingly was great. He slept and watched some videos. That night my brother and sister in law came in and we enjoyed dinner. It was just the 3 siblings with no parents! =) Wed. my parents and aunt arrived. We enjoyed doing a train exhibit tour, lights at a zoo, shopping, Navy Pier, and a limo ride on New Year's Eve. That was fun. I would have liked a little more time in the limo though and wished it wasn't so windy so that the pictures came out better. We can do it again in another 5 years. =)

Christmas Eve/Day

Christmas Eve we went to Mark's cousin's house with his family. We chatted and opened presents. Mattingly and Lexie (Tracy's dog) gave us some entertainment.

Christmas morning Mattingly woke up and found presents from Santa in a new tent. We opened presents and then headed off to my parents house for some yummy brunch and presents. Then it was off to Mark's brother's house with his family for delicious dinner and more presents. (I need to take more pictures with Mark's family!)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Payton!

My bff's little girl Payton turns one year today! She had her birthday party a few weeks early seeing as how it's around the holidays. It was a ladybug theme. Mattingly had fun running around the place, eating treats and "helping" open gifts and "checking" them out first. =)