Monday, November 28, 2011

Silly Boy

Mattingly was helping me take apart Myla's diaper cake and he decided to put it on his head.

Mattingly wanted to open Myla's Christmas present from Aunt Kristin so he did and it made Myla upset. haha He had lots of fun playing it.

Llyeton's Christening

Cousin Lleyton had his Christening last Sunday. Mattingly was so good. He sat and watched. After we went to First and Last Tavern for lunch. It was a little crazy with so many people there and Mattingly was tired but it was nice.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not much

going on really. Mattingly has been home pretty much driving me nuts. He doesn't want to do anything I suggest and sometimes it's not worth the aggravation to me so he just watches TV. If we play something he seems to get bored fast. He plays longer alone. For example when he gets up in the morning he usually gets some toys and plays or colors and then after a little while comes in my room to ask for breakfast. He is still rough with Myla. It's not sinking in that he can't jump near her or kiss her lips or pick her up or shake her legs. I guess she's only getting bigger though and she'll fight back at some point. I know he loves her a lot which is why he's doing it but it gets to be a bit much at times. Time to get him enrolled in a weekend program. He has gone to Mark's mom's once and day care once so far which was nice. Only 6 weeks more weeks. haha Then I will complain I never see him. No balance.

Quotes from Mattingly

"Myla I'm so proud of you for pooping (farting) on Mommy because she gets mad."

"I tried to give her her paci but she won't take it. I can't take it anymore. This is not a game."

"Melkyyyy don't even do it."

A conversation to himself, but I think it was with me. "Why do you ask me so many questions, Why do you ask ME so many questions? (said a few times) Why do you bring so many toys in the car? B/c I'm a kid that's why."

This kid kills me!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Butterfly Garden/Yankee Candle

Monday we took an adventure with my mom to the Butterfly Garden and Yankee Candle. It was a beautiful day! It was rather warm in with the butterflies but it was neat to see all the different kinds flying around. Lots landed on my mom and a few landed on me quick, one landed on Mattingly's head quick too. He didn't like it so he kept saying "Let's get outta here." He seemed to be more interested in the few birds there than the butterflies. He was really good though even at Yankee Candle. He rode on the cart and asked lots of questions about what he saw. He shook Santa's hand too! (he didn't know it was him though b/c he was in overalls and a red shirt) He even met Mrs. Clause. It was fun to do something different.

I love my sister


Not much was going on this year on Halloween b/c of the snow and power outages but we found out Essex was having a parade. Mark took Mattingly and cousin Lleyton came with Uncle Steve and Aunt Rachel while mom stayed at grandma's with Myla. Mattingly originally wanted to be Spiderman. I took him to the store to buy and when he saw the costume he changed his mind and wanted to be Captain America. And that was that.