Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I thought I posted these but I guess not. Grandma Mariann bought Mattingly an easel for Christmas so here he is hard at work painting a masterpiece.


"Mr. Wonderboy" came to Elim Park in Oct. to perform at the new theatre they have there so Mattingly came along with me to see him. Well he talked about him ever since and would watch the videos with Grandma Linda and ask about him. The same man is in another show "Triple Esperesso" with 2 other men and we told him "Mr. Wonderboy" would be back in March. So Mark, Mattingly and I went to that show and Mattingly had a great time. He sat through the whole thing carefully watching. After we met him and took a picture with him eventhough he didn't really want to but I told him he'd be happy if he did. So he isn't that happy in the picture but he's happy now that he has it. He watches videos from that show now with Grandma Linda too. Who knows we may have to fly out to MN to visit him.


Not a whole lot has been happening but my sister told me to post stuff anyway even if it's just a picture of Mattingly hanging out. So here is a picture of him sleeping on the top part of the couch. Reminded me of my cats!