Monday, May 31, 2010

1st day at the beach

this season. Laura invited us to go to the beach yesterday so we took her up on the offer and went. It was a great beach day. Hot. The water was FREEZING but if you kept your feet in for awhile it was okay. Mattingly enjoyed finding sea shells and demanding Laura find more. He didn't like the water at all! It was pretty cold like I said plus there were a ton of people there. Mattingly got a nice tan and I got a painful burn.

Jake's Birthday Party

Saturday Mattingly and I (this is becoming a pattern....) went to a classmate's birthday party. Mattingly had a blast. The little boy had a bouncy and balls and slide for all of the kids. I wasn't sure Mattingly would go in the bouncy with the other kids but he went right in and starting jumping and laughing and calling "Jakey". He played ball with Jake and also climbed the slide with him. It was a perfect day for a party. After the party he played a little ball in the house with his Yankees hat on of course shouting "Yankees, Yankees!".


At the airport eating a breakfast of champions

Mattingly and I took at mini trip to Chicago to visit Aunt Em, Uncle Eric and cousins Ella and Edie. It was great fun! We really wish we were able to see each other more. The weather was hot but we took advantage and the kids went in the pool and Eric made some iced coffee. We took some pictures at Garfield Park which was almost unbearable between the heat and the pollen all over and us not being able to get the 3 kids sitting and smiling. Mattingly was able to watch Ella during her last tumbling class. He cheered her on. And on Saturday when we arrived to went to the farmer's market to have some yummy donuts and buy some asparagus and flowers for the yard. I loved holding Edie! ALMOST makes me want another one....until I see how hard 2 kids are and how tired you are getting up at night. She is such a precious little girl! She liked being tucked away in a sleepy wrap that makes you sweat. Mattingly and Ella had their arguments but all in all I think they really liked hanging out. Mattingly also loved their cat Charlie. He would call his name and say "Ah go? Charlie?". Ella would help look for him or try to coax Mattingly into her room by saying the cat was in there. =) Thanks for all the yummy foods and the birthday celebration E4! Instead of a cd of pics can you just print pictures out for me and I'll pay you back? =)

Grandma and Papa D

Flowers for Mother's Day (Em those are what we got)

Mattingly and I went to my parent's house a few weeks ago to hang out. Mattingly enjoyed playing with papa and playing the piano with grandma.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day

Mark worked =( Mattingly and I went grocery shopping and looking for a bed spread for his new bed with my friend. I get to go out tomorrow all by myself though while Mark has Mattingly and goes to the grocery store!

Beach house

Mattingly and I stopped by the house Mark is building for his parents 2 weeks ago to bring Mark some lunch. Poor daddy works hard all day with no food! Plus after 2 years of waiting for a permit I wanted to see how the place was coming along after only a few weeks of work! Mattingly enjoyed walking around checking everything out and calling "daddy, daddy". A few more years and he can work alongside daddy. =)


I forgot to post these pictures back in March! Oops. My friend Lisa had a baby girl, Grace in November and we finally met her in March. Mattingly had a cough for so long and Lisa worked every other weekend so it was tough to find a date but we did. Mattingly loves babies so he really enjoyed having her over.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A few weeks ago

Mattingly and I went to the Daffodil Festival with my friend Laura. I didn't have my camera so Laura took some pictures. I don't have any from the festival but she emailed me 2 from her house when we were outside looking at her fish and turtle. Mattingly loved feeding the fish and looking at the turtle. He would squat down and look in the water and point to the fish. It was so cute. The festival was good. We got some coffee samples, Mattingly went on a ride, he got a free frisbee, and we made it outta there just in time! Oh here's a bonus picture of Mattingly last April. haha

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ice Cream

It was a nice warm day today so I decided ice cream cones on the front porch. Thank goodness b/c it was a mess!

Silly boy

I was blowing drying my hair today when Mattingly came in and took a brush out of the drawer and left. When I was done blow drying my hair I went out into to the living room and found Mattingly brushing Melky's hair with my brush! He's too much. I don't know how he thought of that b/c it isn't like we brush Melky!