Thursday, April 26, 2012

New and improved haircut

A few weeks ago I did my usual in the bath tub haircut for Mattingly. haha I wanted it shorter this time....well the sides were awful! He doesn't like the clippers daddy has b/c they are too loud so I bought some new ones. He said they were still too loud. But we tested them out today and he said they weren't too loud. I coaxed him into letting me use them by giving him a new play dough picnic kit. It's still not great so I may just leave it to daddy from now on. Or I guess I can keep practicing and eventually get it. haha Oh the 2nd picture he posed and said "it's so cute isn't it?".

Sisterly love

Mattingly has been moving Myla around and lying next to her. He likes when she "bites" or kisses his face and ears. I caught a moment of it the other day.

Rain or shine

Mattingly has wanted to "garden" ever since he helped Grandma Mariann do some at her house. Target had a few little things on sale I bought for him so now I just have to get some plants to plant. He rarely likes to go outside in the sun-can't blame him, there isn't much to do at our house; well it was raining on Sunday and he decided he wanted to go outside and jump in the puddles.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beach Day

 Monday was so nice out we headed to Mark's mom's. We took a walk. Mattingly played on the playground a little, ate lunch, and sat on the beach for a little bit. It was great! Mattingly even met a little girl to play with.

Baking soda and vinegar

Just another little project we did one day.

Bathroom Makeover

Time for a "kid" bathroom. Laura bought Mattingly this monkey towel for his birthday 2 years ago and then I bought another towel and the toothbrush holder. Well Target still had the stuff so I bought the shower curtain and of course Mattingly wanted the soap dispenser too. Then we picked out a few more towels and the little rugs. And we don't even have to repaint b/c the monkeys face matches the wall color. :)


Easter morning Mattingly awoke to find what the Easter bunny had left behind. He was happy with his new Captain America toy and puzzle the most! (the candy was good too, but thankfully he doesn't ask for it much) Then we all dressed in a little pastel purple and headed off the church. And then off to my parent's house where Mattingly found legos from when grandma was little. He needed a little help from papa building a house though. It was a beautiful day.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Apple Hunt

Last Saturday we headed over to Lyman Orchard for an apple hunt for Easter. It was number 1 windy and cold and number 2 crowded like I have never seen before! It was nuts when it was time to be let inside the apple hunt area. These parents acted like they had been starving for days and wanted the apples or like the prize for getting the apples was a Porsche. Mattingly was knocked over right away. After a few min he was back in it and picked up about a dozen apples. 4 were prize apples. We got 2 bags of corn to feed the ducks, a big cookie and 2 little caramel dips. Not sure about next year! It was fun that cousin Lleyton came though!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Construction Zone

We went to my parent's house last week to celebrate my birthday. We had lunch and took a tour of the new building at Elim Park. Mattingly wanted to go inside to see what he had watched the men working on.

Playtime with "daddy's grandma"

Last week we met up with Mark's mom and went to Stay and Play in Old Saybrook. Mattingly had more fun when we went to the Burger King play area after. Stay and Play has slide and ropes to climb on and a mini climbing wall to get on the playscape and few trampolines, a bus to play, and a top to spin in. There were a lot of kids there, mostly younger than Mattingly. He wasn't too interested in playing with them. He liked climbing up the mini climbing wall and going down the slide. We stayed about an hour and headed to Burger King for lunch where he met 3 yr old twins. It was just the 3 of them and they played well together.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

To my aunts, uncles, and cousins (and Aunt Naomi)

This picture was supposed to be in your cards that I sent to you but my mom was absent minded and forgot to put it in. She even specifically took the picture for you. You can enjoy it on here I guess.

St. Patrick's Day

Mattingly made a little pot with a rainbow to hold the gold the leprechaun was going to leave for him. He found it in the morning with his gold and also some green in the toilet. Sneaky guy. Of course I had to snap a few pictures of my 2 little ones in green. Then we headed off to "daddy's grandma's". We thought it was going to warm up but it was really cold, windy, and cloudy. Despite that we took a walk. And then around 4pm just as we were leaving the warm sun came out; of course!