Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rock Cats

A few weeks ago we went to see a Rock Cats game with kids from daycare. Mattingly's buddy Jake went so we of course had to sit next to him. Mattingly was much more in to the game than Jake but they still managed to bother each other. Jake asked Mattingly if he wanted a claw b/c his mom was buying one for him. So they both got claws and cotton candy in which neither one ate. It was a hot day. We went again on Labor Day with my parents and Brittany and her husband. Another hot day! (no pictures from that day)

Pierson Park

This morning we ventured out to Pierson Park in Cromwell to meet my friend Danielle and her little girl Madison. She is going to be 2 in Nov. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning!! They had fun running around chasing each other and Mattingly played big brother and helped Madison sit and they went down the slide together. It was so cute. They kept calling each other when the other one wasn't around. It's fun to have playdates as these little ones get older.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hurricane Irene that turned into a Tropical Storm

Last Sunday the storm came and went. It left us with a bunch of leaves and twigs and no electricity. It went out at 6:30am so it was a pretty long day with a 3 yr old. My mom called around 5:30pm to say their power was back on. It took all of 15 minutes for me to call her back to say Mattingly and I were coming over. We got there around 7pm and drove around to find a McDonald's. I should say on the way I had to turn around once and go another way and then go under 3 or 4 trees that took down power lines. Someone cut half of the tree down so you could pass through. Kinda scary. My work didn't have power Monday or Tuesday so we got those days off which was fabulous. Mattingly and I took lots of walks and bike rides around Elim Park. Wed I returned to work and that night at 2:30am our power was turned on. We spent 4 nights at Grandma and Papa's with the ducks and the turtles house. It was fabulous! We returned home Thursday afternoon to a stuffy, dirty house. But hey the power was back on. That night we went out for dinner in which Mattingly has a hard time doing these days. He has to be up and moving around or crawling under the table. He doesn't sit still. I did take a few pictures one of the days last week but it was with my parent's camera....another hurricane is in the works and has the same path as Irene did. Let's hope it takes a turn. I can't handle another especially right after one!