Friday, May 11, 2012

Swing set

Last Saturday my dad came over to put together the swing set for the kids. Saved Mark some time and me some sanity since Mark wasn't going to be able to do it until the end of June. Mattingly of course helped put it together and find the lost nut.They took a little break and I surprised Mattingly taking him to Essex Steam Train to see Thomas the Train. Crummy day but still fun. We rode the train to and from the car and then we took an adventure on Thomas finding an 87 carat diamond. They had a magic show, music show, face painting, rides, tattoos, train tables, balloon man, meet Sir Topam Hatt, food and of course trinkets. All was included except the food and toys. Mattingly was exceptionally well behaved! He held grandma's hand without complaining, even got his face painted and told the man what balloon he wanted. Myla was good too. I forgot the stroller so I held her a little bit then my dad did and she fell asleep on him. We'll see if Mattingly is brave enough to do the Polar Express this year! I really want to do that. We arrived back home just in time before dark to finish up the swing set and for Mattingly to try it out. It's great to have. Although this week was a little rainy we did use it twice. Thanks Papa!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012


We went to visit Ky, one of Mattingly's buddies from daycare. Her mom just had a little girl. These two got right into playing. No shy time for either one. It was really cute. They played dress up and Mattingly had fun looking at all of her older brother's toys.

Bounce U

April 28th we went to Bounce U finally for a birthday party for an old coworker's daughter. Mattingly was a little shy at first but then had no problem climbing and jumping around. We have another party there in 2 weeks so he'll know all about it for that party!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Mattingly is sooooooo in to commercials now. He asks for every toy he sees on TV and will even say Myla needs some too. When it's a commercial for something else he'll say we need it. Today there was one on about a pet hair sticky picker upper thingy. haha Well he said we needed it. I said "we don't even have a dog anymore." He says "well when we get another one, we can get it then, okay?". He's a trip I tell you. Oh and yesterday I caught him on the house phone. I heard him saying "but I"m just a kid". I was wondering who he was talking to so I went in my bedroom. He said there was a man saying "5 5 5" and so he told him "well I'm just a kid you know." What a character I have. Then he wanted to call someone.