Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cool Dude!

I just bought Mattingly a new pair of shorts and a very light weight sweatshirt so he wanted to wear them. Then he found my hat and put it on. He came in the room and said "Mom, check me out" and did some gang signs or something. haha

Aunt Rachel's Birthday

This was the year of 30th birthdays on Mark's side of the family. It was mine, my sister in law Rachel's and Mark's cousin Tracy (whose party is next Sunday).

Daffodil Festival

Mattingly and I went with my friend Kate to the annual Daffodil Festival in Meriden at Hubbard Park. I expected it to be warmer than it was that day but it was nice to get outside. We visited Laura at her photography tent and her friend did face painting so Mattingly had his face painted like spiderman. He loved it and was upset when it started coming off. There isn't a whole lot to do there besides the parade and vendors unless you want to empty your wallet on the rides. Mattingly didn't really want to go on any he just wanted to win a blow up guitar. So he did a lame game where there are a bunch of ducks floating around and you pick one up and give it to the lady and pick your prize. Mattingly was happy as long as he got his guitar. He started playing it right there and got lots of attention from people.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pee pee in the potty!!

Mattingly peed in the potty a few weeks ago. The smallest amount but he did it! All on his own! He was so proud. =) So we took him out for ice cream. And no he hasn't done it since or even really sat on the toilet. haha

Easter 2011

Easter Sunday Mattingly found his basket from us with little candy in it but he wasn't too disappointed. He had "play story" bubble bath, "elmo colors" (dye the bath water), socks, his favorite gum, which he is no longer allowed to have b/c he chewed nine pieces and spit them out all over, an abby cadabby notebook, pez dispenser and maybe a few other things. We headed to church and then to Grandma Mariann's. He found eggs there with tattoos in them which he decided to put on everyone, sand stuff, a nerf basketball hoop, a sand dollar and some chocolate bunnies. He had a day of fun. He blew bubbles and went for a walk with everyone in the warm sun!