Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday Mark and I took Mattingly to a farm near us for an Easter egg hunt. It was so cold and busy but Mattingly seemed to enjoy it. He fell asleep on the way but woke up once he heard animals were there. He liked waving to them and making their sounds. He didn't do so much hunting for the eggs. He was more interested in opening the eggs to see what was inside than picking them up to put in my purse. Yes, I forgot a basket for him to put the eggs in. Oops first time mom I guess.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Mattingly loves using my chapstick and will sometime eat it too. Not good. I had this brilliant idea to buy him the giant lipsmacker chapstick. Well he probably ate more than he used. Oh well. These are pictures of him trying to get the cap off, putting it on and then trying to put the cap on again.

Fun on the deck

Walk with Dad

We took full advantage of the beautiful day out today. Mattingly watched the neighbors outside and played in the car while I cleaned it. Then Dad took him out for a walk. He found a pine cone on the way. I tried to capture the 2 of them holding hands but Mattingly came running up to me. They also took a little walk in the woods down to the stream in the back yard. No nap today for the little man. Although I'm pretty sure while he's on the couch watching Wonder Pets he'll fall asleep for a little bit and it's 5:15pm!