Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Mattingly is sooooooo in to commercials now. He asks for every toy he sees on TV and will even say Myla needs some too. When it's a commercial for something else he'll say we need it. Today there was one on about a pet hair sticky picker upper thingy. haha Well he said we needed it. I said "we don't even have a dog anymore." He says "well when we get another one, we can get it then, okay?". He's a trip I tell you. Oh and yesterday I caught him on the house phone. I heard him saying "but I"m just a kid". I was wondering who he was talking to so I went in my bedroom. He said there was a man saying "5 5 5" and so he told him "well I'm just a kid you know." What a character I have. Then he wanted to call someone.

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JRDisch said...

Haha, oh boy. what are you going to do when he prank calls people at 6 years old?