Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It has been so warm here lately we've been going for walks here, both of the grandma's, to the park and playing in the yard.


Since being home and using Pinterest (a great thing) I have come up with some things for Mattingly to do so we don't hurt each other! We usually watch a show until 8:30 then get dressed for school. Then we do a few projects, read, have a snack, go outside, have lunch and a nap. Then usually 1-2 days we go out somewhere. Grandma's, the park, play date, grocery store-anything out of the house. Mattingly enjoys these projects. He says "So what are we going to make today?" I was also able to take a lot of craft things from the daycare when they closed which has been great!

Monday, March 19, 2012

School Closing

School has ended for Mattingly. Well the last day of Feb. I don't know if he misses it or not. Sometimes he talks about going to school and occasionally will mention a friend but often. I think he was sort of used to being home when he was home with me on maternity leave. We went back to school for only 8 weeks. He's pictured here standing at the door in the bathroom that connects into the toddler room where I worked. He would come say hi to me frequently. Another picture is with his teacher Keri and some little thing he found at school which he bathed everyday. His teacher made a little bath for it. The other pictures are with Kyleigh and Ethan, 2 of the toddlers and then a few of his art projects.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Loving brother

Growing up

Mattingly is such a little man now. He is looking older, not like a toddler and definitely acting older. The things he asks and puts together is amazing. He is starting to write his name. Of course it's challenging b/c it's so long but he's working on it. He has the M-A-T-T down. I'll work on it more with him now that I'll be home with him. He's working on drawing people too. I love seeing what he comes up with. I think he is going to miss his friends and teacher at school. I am on the hunt now for a program to put him in in the Fall. He's more outgoing than I was so I think he will do well.

He is also still pretty obsessed with Myla. And is still way too energetic near her even though he is reminded all the time of that. But she loves him too and loves watching him dancing and being silly. She'll smile which makes it hard for us to tell him to stop and be careful because she's enjoying it.

He still naps anywhere for 1hr 30min to almost 3 hours. Depending on the morning. Both of us need that time!

Laura and Jesse

Mattingly really enjoys going to Laura and Jesse's house. They both play with him, wrestle, dance, and give him lemonade and maybe a little something special too. We've been there a few times in Feb. to have dinner, hang out and Laura baby sat one day. He never wants to leave. Maybe one day he'll be brave enough to sleep over.


Em and I met for lunch one weekend. It was a little hectic but fun. Payton and Mattingly are so funny. Mattingly tries to be grown and talks to Payton likes she is a baby and Payton watches him. Both of them couldn't get enough of Myla either of course! We made it through the meal and pondered how it will be when Em gives birth to her second baby in July!


Mark has been encouraging Mattingly to comb his hair and brush his teeth in the morning before he leaves the house. He watches me get ready sometimes and sees I put water on a brush to brush my hair sometimes so one day he came out of the bathroom with his hair wet and combed. It's hard to see it but these are 2 pictures.