Sunday, September 27, 2009

Durham Fair

Mark, Mattingly and I met Mark's cousin Tracy and her boyfriend Oneal at the Durham Fair yesterday. It was a gorgeous day! Tracy and I learned a few things about cows that we didn't know. =) (I won't share) Mattingly loved the animals. He would point and smile and wave to them. We watched kids doing the tractor pull which I never saw or even thought about what it was so that was kinda cool to see. Mattingly is a little too short to go on rides so he didn't get to. There were 2 he was just tall enough for but I don't think he would have gone alone and I didn't really want to go on the Merry Go Round plus it was $6 and I don't even know if he would have gone on. Next year.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mattingly's favorite things to do....

He opened the couch up by himself and sat down.

His cool new hat.

"playing" with Melky.

Messing around with the laundry.

Trying to eat dad's sock.

Sunglasses with only one eye piece in.

Fell asleep watching TV. Not sure why it's upside down.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

For future reference

orange popsicles stain! =(

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Big Bird, School, Popsicles

On Monday Mattingly and I decided to join Laura and her boyfriend on their mini trip to the outlets in NY. Wow what a mistake. Lots and lots of people! Lines just to get in the store! All of us bought one thing b/c we didn't want to stand in line or couldn't even get through the store to look. Pretty much a waste. It got us out of the house though. While I was in a store Mattingly rode Big Bird and loved it. He didn't want to get off.

Yesterday at school (daycare) he kept putting a fireman's hat on. It was so cute. There is a picture of that and then one of his big brown eyes. =)

Today I was in the basement with Mattingly and he didn't want to come up so I asked him if he wanted a popsicle. He nodded and went to the stairs. Once we got to the top he went over to the couch to sit where we normally eat them. He had to hold it himself and then at the end he gave Melky the last bite just as Mark taught him to. He has to share.