Saturday, April 14, 2012

Apple Hunt

Last Saturday we headed over to Lyman Orchard for an apple hunt for Easter. It was number 1 windy and cold and number 2 crowded like I have never seen before! It was nuts when it was time to be let inside the apple hunt area. These parents acted like they had been starving for days and wanted the apples or like the prize for getting the apples was a Porsche. Mattingly was knocked over right away. After a few min he was back in it and picked up about a dozen apples. 4 were prize apples. We got 2 bags of corn to feed the ducks, a big cookie and 2 little caramel dips. Not sure about next year! It was fun that cousin Lleyton came though!


Eric said...

wow, wow and wow. There are a LOT of people!

JRDisch said...

Yeah, lots o people! How are the apples now? I thought they were a fall thing. I like his Giants jacket, though I dislike the Giants. :)