Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kid City

We also took a little trip to Kid City. My mother-in-law gave us a membership there for Christmas and my sister has one that works there so it was nice. None of us had to pay. Mattingly enjoyed it much more this time than when I took him at 10 days old. haha Actually my mil has taken him a few times which is another reason to get the membership b/c then she can take him for free too. And it can be nice to entertain for as little or long as you want. We spotted a neighbor/classmate while we were there whom Mattingly couldn't stop hugging. I think I will have to keep a close eye on him....

Sleigh Ride

Last Tuesday while my sister was here we decided we wanted to take a sleigh ride. My dad, Em, Eric, Ella, Mark, Mattingly, and I headed to Allegra Farms in Colchester and did just that seeing as how we had just received a foot of snow. It was exciting because it was our first sleigh ride (except Eric). It wasn't as I had pictured but it was nice. I thought we'd go faster as we went out into the fields but it's probably just as well. It was windy (well for everyone except Thibs 3) and Mattingly lost his boot (which was recovered). The men that guided (is that the word?) the sleigh and the horses had been featured in a few films which was interesting to hear about. How many takes they had to do just for a little clip in a movie is crazy!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Tree

Spotted an early Christmas present in the closet

Helping with the tree stand

Is it straight?

Checkin it out

Clean up time

Must wear chapstick!
Hugs for Melky

We got our tree on 13th finally. Mattingly kept looking at it standing on our front porch. When Mark brought it in Mattingly was so excited! He was smiling so big and laughing and flapping his arms while running around. He wanted to help daddy so bad. But was a little more in the way than helping.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I had some stained monkey clothes from Mattingly that I thought would be cool to make a blanket out of so I talked to a girl at work and her mother-in-law made one for him. I wanted the back to be all satin but she didn't do it b/c she said it would pull. Well that's what he likes and I asked for, do you mind?! Oh well. It is bigger than I asked too which is okay. All in all I am satisfied with it and ended up buying her a $25 giftcard to JoAnn's.

Snow snow and more snow!

We got probably a foot of snow overnight! I love it! Except that b/c of the snow my sister and family are not coming in today! =( And we got to Em's house later than we were supposed to. Our street is just getting plowed now at 6pm! That's insanity as Mark would say. Mark woke up at 2:00am to snowblow so he wouldn't have as much to do this morning and b/c we got so much. He was up for like 3 hours. Smart thinking though. As you can tell from the pictures Mattingly didn't enjoy our 10min in the snow. Maybe when cousin Ella gets here he'll like it more.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Uncle Steve

We went to Mark's parent's house on Friday for dinner with his brother and sister-in-law and sister and soon to be brother-in-law. Mattingly is fine with the girls and seemed to be okay with Christopher; poor Uncle Steve. For some reason Mattingly is uneasy around him. After a good while he was a little more comfortable and would stand near him or bring little things to him. At one point Mattingly had Mark's cell phone who had called my cell phone which Steve had and they were talking to each other. It was so funny. Mattingly just kept saying "hi", "hi", "hi". We'll have to get him over to the house sometime soon!

Dischinger Thanksgiving

We went to my parents' house for Thanksgiving this year. It was nice and quiet. =) Just the 5 of us. Mattingly enjoyed playing with the pieces to "papa's" chess set. He would take them all off and hand them to someone or knock them over and then stand them back up. He had fun playing with my old blocks and legos too. And he even slept thru the night there so I could wake up early and go shopping!