Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Mattingly quote

I was folding clothes this morning and was annoyed b/c some still had stains. Mattingly says to me "Mom I was watching this show and it was called Oxy Clean. You can put it on your clothes and makes them clean. Like these clothes." I laughed so hard. It was really cute. And how funny that he remembered it.

Back to school

Last week I went back to work and so Mattingly went back to school. Here is their first day picture. I love how Mattingly is making a sad face and Myla has a big smile!


My friend Michelle has a daughter Serena who is a little younger than Mattingly. We've had a few playdates lately. Last time we were at their house Mattingly took a picture of "Sophia". He has a little girl in his class named Sophia so I think that's where he's getting that from.


Since we were arranging Myla's room and putting things up I thought I'd take advantage and put some stuff up in Mattingly's room and rearrange it. My sister had a little clothesline up in Ella's room and I thought it was cute so I put one up in Mattingly's room and of course we needed a picture of the Yankees up!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Playing with Payton

A few weeks ago Em and I finally found a time we could hang out with the kids so they could play. It was fun. Mattingly enjoyed playing with someone more his age and with new toys. He liked being a big boy and telling Payton what to do as well.

Niantic Parade

We went to a light parade in Niantic on Dec. 11. It was really cold that night but we went anyway. It was worth it. There were some really cool floats and dancers. Next year we'll know to arrive a little early and maybe participate in the activities during the day because it was crowded and tiring standing for an hour.

Festive Picture