Saturday, July 30, 2011

Buttonwood Sunflower Farm

I have always wanted to go to a field of sunflowers and today my dream came true! Residents at my dad's work went to this farm this past week and my mom told me about it so I checked it out and decided it would be fun. I had planned on going to Lyman Orchard's sunflower maze but this was even better. Acres of sunflowers, $5 boquets and hayrides and yummy ice cream! I loved it. Mattingly rested on the way since it's about an hour away and was so good standing in the line for the hay ride. He enjoyed looking at and feeding the cows and standing in the warm sun taking pictures. He was rewarded with some chocolate chip ice cream. Laura and Jesse and my parents met us and Brittany there. I will definitely be back next year and maybe I'll go back in the Fall for the corn maze. Em (sister) I think you would have really liked it there....some other year.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cousin Lleyton!

Cousin Lleyton was born July 13th! He was early. Lucky momma! We went to see him the day he went home from the hospital. He is adorable and I am so happy for Mattingly to have a cousin close by. It will be lots of fun to watch him grow up. It was apparent that night that Mattingly was jealous. He had to be in all the conversations and wanted his picture taken as much as Lleyton was getting his taken. It's going to be interesting when Mattingly's sister comes....


One hot Sunday a few weeks ago I called Brittany to see if she wanted to get an ice cream. I was craving soft serve so we went to McDonald's. Mattingly of course wanted to eat in the play scape area so we did. He played a little by himself and then with lots of reassuring Brittany went down the slide with Mattingly and then he did it by himself. For some reason he doesn't like slides. Not too sure why.


We went for a walk on a trail in the woods and then I got a $20 manicure that only lasted like 3 days. It was the new "shattered" look. Oh well it was fun.

Sunday, July 10, 2011