Sunday, June 6, 2010

2nd Birthday

Mattingly is now 2 years old! He woke up that morning and had a cupcake for breakfast. Yup, I let him. He was so excited. It was "Mattingly's burfday cake". Then we took a drive to my mom's house. We stopped at the store with the trains to buy more for Mattingly. He had a fun time playing with the one there and listening when it was time to go. He even say "bye bye train". I signed him up for the birthday club there are he received more train tracks and 2 trains plus $5 off my purchase. Oh we went to Dunkin Donuts to get our free donut too. =) Then we were headed to Toys R Us but couldn't find it so we went back home to eat and see papa. He loved when we sand "Happy Birthday" to him. He wanted more. There are ducks at papas so we fed then amidst the hot, hot weather. And we were off to visit Em and baby Payton. Mattingly loved her! And of course didn't leave their dog out. He took out all of his toys and tried to play with him. Daddy came home from work and we had ice cream birthday cake and a candle which we had to light twice for him. He opened a few more gifts and played and it was time for bed.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Wow I can't believe you are two already! You have definitely grown from a baby to a toddler! Everyday you do something or say something new. It's so exciting. I couldn't imagine a day without you (although I could use a day without you, haha). Yesterday you woke up and said "momma, mattingly birthday". It was so cute. I wonder if you will wake up today and say it again. Yesterday you brought cupcakes into school for snack, the same ones I made the night I went into labor with you, you devoured it and enjoyed every second of the "Happy Birthday" song. You sat there with a big smile on your face! Now you are calling me, you want to get out of bed. Happy Birthday sonny boy! I love you lots!!