Monday, March 19, 2012

School Closing

School has ended for Mattingly. Well the last day of Feb. I don't know if he misses it or not. Sometimes he talks about going to school and occasionally will mention a friend but often. I think he was sort of used to being home when he was home with me on maternity leave. We went back to school for only 8 weeks. He's pictured here standing at the door in the bathroom that connects into the toddler room where I worked. He would come say hi to me frequently. Another picture is with his teacher Keri and some little thing he found at school which he bathed everyday. His teacher made a little bath for it. The other pictures are with Kyleigh and Ethan, 2 of the toddlers and then a few of his art projects.


JRDisch said...

He's done with school until when? Crazy! That guy is so cute!

Mattingly said...

Ya it closed...I'm home. I'm looking for one for him to go to in the Fall.