Thursday, March 1, 2012

Growing up

Mattingly is such a little man now. He is looking older, not like a toddler and definitely acting older. The things he asks and puts together is amazing. He is starting to write his name. Of course it's challenging b/c it's so long but he's working on it. He has the M-A-T-T down. I'll work on it more with him now that I'll be home with him. He's working on drawing people too. I love seeing what he comes up with. I think he is going to miss his friends and teacher at school. I am on the hunt now for a program to put him in in the Fall. He's more outgoing than I was so I think he will do well.

He is also still pretty obsessed with Myla. And is still way too energetic near her even though he is reminded all the time of that. But she loves him too and loves watching him dancing and being silly. She'll smile which makes it hard for us to tell him to stop and be careful because she's enjoying it.

He still naps anywhere for 1hr 30min to almost 3 hours. Depending on the morning. Both of us need that time!


Eric said...

actually you have been updating. I got used to not checking it frequently. I like this vest--did I give it to you? I also like that you get together for lunch with Em once a week. :) Are you going to call him Matt?

JRDisch said...

Like I said, the faces he comes up with. :)