Monday, October 17, 2011

Rose's Berry Farm

Last Saturday(the 8th) I decided I wanted to take Mattingly on a hayride b/c who knew when I'd have another chance being 40 weeks pregnant. And it was such a beautiful day! Brittany came with us last minute and we headed to Rose's Berry Farm in Glastonbury. We sat down to eat an apple cider donut and drink some apple cider first. (Roger's Orchard has better stuff) The bees were crazy so we headed out on the hay ride. Mattingly didn't want to go at first b/c there was a man dressed as a scarecrow that he saw hop on with the people. But he only rode the last few seconds. I convinced him to get on and we went on a bumpy ride to the corn maze. That was pretty boring and we could hear mice squeaking. We could have picked a pumpkin but we already had some so we headed back. Mattingly still won't get his face painted and he only with a little coaxing would stick his head in the empty holes with the picture of different things. Oh and he wouldn't pose in front of the corn or any signs so he took pictures of me and Britt.

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