Monday, October 17, 2011

Durham Fair

We had to park at Tilcon in Wallingford and I had to push the stroller over all these rocks to get to the bus; 38 weeks pregnant!

Mattingly and my big pregnant self trekked it to the Durham Fair (Sept.25 I think) I really wanted to go and eat a fried something and the past 2 years we have gone with Tracy and Oneal so we went with them again. It was the HOTTEST day ever!!! Well humid I should say. We did lots of walking. Mattingly didn't want to go on rides or really do much except look at the animals. He really enjoyed the baby chicks. We didn't eat a whole lot. A chocolate covered banana, coconut gelato, frozen lemonade, water, a fried twinkie and popcorn. I didn't feel like eating much being so hot and the stuff I did was all junk food. It was still a nice time. (on a side note it seems like whenever Tracy and I go to the fairs it's really hot and when we go to Yankee games it rains)

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