Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Big Brother

Mattingly is officially a big brother! On October 8 baby sister Myla was born! After a day at Rose's Berry Farm he played at home for a little bit and was off to "daddy's grandma's"(workin on that) house to spend the next 2 nights. He came to the hospital to visit in the morning. He wasn't exactly sure about Myla but he jumped up on my bed with me and wanted to hold her. Since we've been home he's been both a help and a pain. He wants to hold her but of course she's always sleeping, he does throw away her dirty diapers and wants to change them (maybe in a few months). He's also taken a big step and is doing his best to sleep in his own bed at night. Yes, he had been sleeping with me and Mark. He simply cannot wait until she can play. He puts his toys on her in the crib or in the bouncy seat with her. You have to keep both eyes on that kid! haha It's certainly been a lot for me to handle. My mom has been over to at least help with housework since Mattinlgy doesn't really want to play with her much. He does like attention from my friends though!


Lisa said...

Love these pics! He looks so happy to be a big brother.

JRDisch said...

What a guy!