Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rocky Neck Beach

Today Mattingly and I trucked it to the beach for only the 2nd time this summer. We went with my beach partner Laura and her bf Jesse. Mattingly has a great time with Jesse. They dig holes and find treasures together and Jesse taught Mattingly how to twist open bottle caps. Laura and I chatted away and soaked in the sun. The water was nice and Mattingly wasn't too scared this time since he's been to the beach a few times with Grandma Fitch. Someone there even made a comment on how good Mattingly was even with no toys. (I forgot his sand toys) It is always nice when he's well behaved in public. =)

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Emily said...

I totally saw those diapers. So cute. What a handsome young boy. :) Glad he has a friend at the beach. :)