Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 4th

This year we went to my parent's house for lunch. Mattingly went in the kiddie pool with grandpa again and Mark and I and mom sweated outside. It was so hot that day! I attempted to make angel food cake with cool whip and blueberries and strawberries. Actually it looked pretty good and tasted okay. There's always next year. Mattingly also enjoyed sitting on their new patio table spinning the spinner for food. After lunch grandpa attempted to put Mattingly down for a nap and they peeked out the window at us down below (which is what I have a picture of). After their house we headed home for a minute to let Melky out and feed him and then were off to the beach to visit my bff Em and her husband and babe and his fam. Mattingly had a nice time playing ball and squeezing Payton's cheeks. He adores babies. Finally it was dark enough to watch the fireworks. Mark's brother knows a guy that puts on a show every year so we went down to his house. Mattingly didn't really care for them. He clenched on to me and only me and would say "Mommy, they care (scare) me." Even if you ask him today about the fireworks he says they scare him. Hopefully next year he'll like them a little bit more.


JRDisch said...

Man, that guy is so cute and getting older looking! Wish I lived closer.

Emily said...

Wow Meg--you are my hero for making that cake. I wanted to do something like that but didn't have the energy. I actually wanted to make star Rice Krispie treats...alas. Like the pictures of the fireworks. And of course Mattingly will be scared next year--you didn't like them until you were like 14. ;)

Osterhouts said...

we were so glad you guys stopped by! and we had a great time at the pool with the two of you, and of course at the concert! but i wish you could have been there for the pre game festivities! next time for sure :)