Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friday night Mattingly was taking a bath and had to go #2 I wouldn't put a diaper on him so he ran around the house and finally sat on his potty and did it!! I was sooo excited. He was happy too and said he felt better. I bought the Elmo pjs earlier that day so I gave them to him for going on the potty and we went out for dinner and ice cream. He had to go today and wouldn't go on the potty though. I pulled his diaper off and he cried saying he wanted it on. Grrr! I don't understand the inconsistencies. We'll get there though. Even if it's when his baby sister arrives so I'm home all day with him! Can't afford 2 in diapers!

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Laura said...

yayy lil man! I'm super proud of u