Sunday, July 10, 2011


My sister, Eric, Ella, and Edie came to visit last week so Mattingly and I had a busy week. We went to Dinosaur Place where the cousins played in the splashpad area and had a few playgrounds and a volcano that erupted and in which both kids were afraid. Ella ran away screaming. Friday was low key my sister was at a B&B so Laura and I were going to take Mattingly and Ella blueberry picking but the season hadn't started yet so we went to the park. That night Em, Ella, my dad, Mattingly and I went to the little carnival in Cheshire. Mattingly was tired and didn't like the loud noises. He'd only ride the train with me and wanted to try to win prizes. Ella and Papa went down the super slide 3 times I think. She really liked that and the ferris wheel. Saturday was Gillette Castle and a bbq in mom and dad's back yard with one of my sister's friends from younger days and her family. I wanted to go to the Rock Cats game on Sunday but it was raining so my sister met me at the outlets and I found a dress for Mark's cousin Tracy's wedding in August and she bought Myla a few things. Monday we headed to the beach and spent some time with Mark's parents and brother and sister in law. We had beautiful weather again. Tuesday we took a "hike" on a trail and tried looking for wild animals. We did spot a deer and hear some frogs. Then the girls went to the nail salon while the kids napped and I was off to go home b/c I was exhausted and had to work at 7am the next 3 days. The time is never long enough, only the drives! The girls don't know me well enough so they didn't really want to hang out with me but it was still fun to see them!

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