Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Unexpected day with mom (and a buddy)

I showed up to work today to find no power! That made me excited. It had already been out for an hour by the time I arrived so they were only minutes away from calling parents. We had no idea why it went out or when it was going back on so we had to close. I offered to take one of Mattingly's friends for the day since they didn't know what they were going to do and he's buddies with Mattingly. So we headed to the beach to meet Mattingly at his grandma's house. We sat on the beach in the fog for just about 2 hours then we ate outside and took a ride on the golf cart. Then it was off to our house in hopes that they would sleep in the car....no luck. We got home and did a million things in the house and went outside to do a million more. It was nice. They had little spats but a lot had to do with the lack of sleep I think. After the day I am kind of glad I will have a girl next. At least I hope she's a little calmer! ;)

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