Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter Sunday Mattingly found his basket from us with little candy in it but he wasn't too disappointed. He had "play story" bubble bath, "elmo colors" (dye the bath water), socks, his favorite gum, which he is no longer allowed to have b/c he chewed nine pieces and spit them out all over, an abby cadabby notebook, pez dispenser and maybe a few other things. We headed to church and then to Grandma Mariann's. He found eggs there with tattoos in them which he decided to put on everyone, sand stuff, a nerf basketball hoop, a sand dollar and some chocolate bunnies. He had a day of fun. He blew bubbles and went for a walk with everyone in the warm sun!

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JRDisch said...

Sounds like a good Easter! Did he have to find all of that or was it just in his basket?