Saturday, June 27, 2009


(before the hives; i bought this chair for him to watch "The Wiggles" in)

Mattingly started getting a few hives on Wed I believe. Thurs he had a bunch more and at night there were a lot. By morning he had a ton and got more and more. I made a call to the doctor and brought him in. He was labeled allergic to amoxocillion. And the hives started to go down and weren't as red. Well now it's Saturday morning and he has more on his face and hands. The ones on his back and neck are gone and not as bad in his groin area. But I am wondering if this is common or not??! I guess I will have to call the doc to check it out. My poor poor baby!!!!


JRDisch said...

Poor little man! I love that guy! I wish we lived closer so I could hang with my friend who's allergic to medicine. He is so very cute! Love you guys!

Eric said...

ugh. He's looks so uncomfortable. Yuck. :)