Thursday, June 18, 2009

1st ER visit

I woke up to a loud barking cough at 5:30am this morning. I knew right away it was croup. A kid in another room at the daycare had it. He didn't even come in our room and Mattingly wasn't there but I don't know where else it came from. I stuck him in bed with us and he fell right back to sleep on me for a little over an hour. He was making noise when breathing so I was a little nervous and couldn't go back to sleep. I read about croup; called out of work and then called the dr. at 9. I spoke to a nurse who said to go to the Children's Hospital b/c he needed a breathing treatment right away. His nose was flared and his belly was going in when breathing. I told Mark and called my poor mother to go with me. She was able to so Mark stayed to work. The hospital was full of staff and not enough patients or something b/c we saw every nurse there once. That was annoying. And then 2 drs or one intern and one doc. I have no clue. It was crazy. They listened to him and said it was not good that he sounded that way when sitting still. So they gave him an inhaler treatment and then a steriod and took 2 looks at his ear and decided he was starting to get an ear infection too. Scary at first but I settled down. He sounds much better now when just sitting. Still a little barky, but that will fade, hopefully. Mark will take him to the doctor tomorrow for a follow up. Glad it's over. PS. He was such a sport at the hospital. He walked around the room and hung out lookin so cute in his little gown! I had my phone so I took a few pictures that I will try to somehow post.(Thanks grandma for missing your massage to go to the hospital!)

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