Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

It started out by getting out of work 2 1/2 hours early on Friday! :) That was pretty sweet. Saturday Mattingly and I went to a kid from daycare's first birthday party. It was okay. We didn't know anyone there except for a coworker and her daughter. Mattingly enjoyed the mac and cheese and chicken tender for lunch and spent most of the time looking at the other kids or chewing on the inflatable monkey in which we were allowed to take for his monkey themed party this weekend. Then we were off to shop for his birthday and help Laura find a dress. We came up with nothing. That was annoying. I need to open my own store that sells children's outdoor stuff. Sunday we relaxed and today we headed to Wallingford to watch a parade with Emily. Mattingly just stared the whole time and gave a few waves. He made it onto if you care to look. Later we went to my parent's house for lunch. Yummy! I won't post all the pictures tonight; there are too many. But here are a few.

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julie smith said...

I can't believe how big he is!