Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hangin Around

Here are some pictures of Mattingly at daycare. From the top-he's hanging out getting tickled by Laura, we went outside for a buggy ride Friday since it was so nice and took some pictures of the kids. Most of them didn't like the grass and cried. Mattingly was as happy as could be. =) In the blue monkey shirt-we were just taking pictures of the kids. The next one is when we had a Mother's Day fashion show at the daycare and the infant room had formal wear as the category so he wore his Easter outfit. The next is after the fashion show and he is looking out the door at the kids playing on the playground. Finally just before Mother's Day we took the kids to take a picture in front of the flowers for their mommies.


amyjosjo said...

oh my that teeth I see????

JRDisch said...

I can't wait to see him! :)