Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Weekend

Yesterday we took at trip to Stew Leonard's. That was a zoo! I thought it would be cool for Mattingly to see all the singing things in there that I had heard about. (it was my first time too) He didn't seem to care. He watched. No smile, no cry, just looked. I wish I lived closer so I could buy my meat there though. That dept. was amazing. Nice and fresh! I brought my camera and of course left it in the car. I did snap a picture of him in his carseat holding that frog that hangs down. He loves holding the tags to the hanging toys; especially while sleeping. It is so cute!

He started holding his own bottle apparently. Not all the time and it has to be just the right holding position, according to dad. :)

My parents gave Mattingly a standing toy that they had for when Eleanor was little. Now is a perfect time for him to have it so we took it home. He loves it. He thinks he's such a big boy. He laughs and doesn't cry if he loses balance and falls.

Oh also I bought an A-Rod shirt for him on sale in which he wore yesterday. I will have to find a Mattingly one. :) Well I did on ebay but I want to find a cuter one.


Ron said...

I'm glad that someone has a new post on their blog. Just waiting for the snow to arrive....

JRDisch said...

You can not let your Mattingly-my birthday buddy-wear an F-Raud t shirt! That's not a good example for the little one.

As for Mattingly-he is so very cute! :)

How's the snow? Will someone take pics of it before it melts away!?