Monday, March 9, 2009

Monkey boy

I have been putting Mattingly in all of his monkey shirts and taking pictures b/c I am finally going to start his scrapbook and found cute monkey stuff for it. :)

He is starting to get up on his hands and knees on his own now! We're going to be in big trouble. Not that we aren't already b/c he drags himself along the floor. I wish our basement would get finished soon. Maybe I'll have Laura help me with that too! haha She came over Saturday to help me hang a few pictures. They weren't up to Mark's standards but hey they're up now!

Lately Mattingly has been wanting to eat everything in sight. He won't eat much of it but he'll try it! I gave him some ham yesterday; not a fan. I bought some dried apple bit and new crackers and veggie sticks. He likes all of that. Oh he ate almost a whole 1/2 grilled cheese last week. He chew on the chicken and beef I give him but doesn't swallow it. So no more of that for a while. Say Eric if you read this-I'd like the oatmeal recipe with the fruits in it, it's baked.

That's about all. I need to get ready for work now. (I got up early for some reason and had time to write)


Emily said...

You got up at 3:50 or 4:50? That baked oatmeal recipe is from Mom. Mattingly looks so so so cute in his monkey shirts.

Mom said...

this is a test.