Friday, December 19, 2008

First Snow

I brought Mattingly out in the snow for a quick minute. He didn't like getting all bundled up. Probably because he couldn't move. It was still snowing out so he got it on his face which he didn't really know what to do about. And yes those are plastic bags on his feet. What can I say he doesn't have any boots! haha Once I opened the door to come inside he smiled. Next year will be more exciting. I will FINALLY have someone to play in the snow with again! :) PS. He looks so chubby with all that stuff on and then so skinny in the bottom pic doesn't he? I love him!!!!


julie smith said...

Very cute, I love the plastic bags! Next year he'll be begging you to go out, that's all Daphne does is waits by the door with her coat and boots:)
I hope we will be able to see each other when your sister comes home next week.

amyjosjo said...

what a face he has*LOL* the first two are like"Are you kidding me mom???"what a lovie.