Friday, December 26, 2008

1st Christmas

Mattingly chewing on one of his presents on Christmas Eve.
He's opening a Yankee ball and doing a good job.
Melky held still just long enough for Mattingly to pet him and me to take a picture.
A monkey from Santa!
He enjoyed laying under the tree and pulling the branches.
Too cute!
Chewing on some more presents on Christmas Day.
He took the tissue paper out of a bag and wanted to eat it.
Chewing on Gma D's hand. Yum.

Mattingly had a busy 1st Christmas. Christmas Eve during the day was spent with Grandma Fitch; mom and dad were working. Then at night he went to his 2nd cousin's house with all the family. He was spoiled with lots of toys and some pjs. Then he did great sleeping in his pack n play and traveling home and then sleeping in his crib! Christmas morning he opened some presents from mom and dad and Santa and then it was off to Uncle Steve and Aunt Rachel's for some more family time where he got lots more toys! Then off to Grandma and Grandpa D's for a few more gifts and some dinner. Phew then it was home. Now it's time to organize all the presents.

Oh and Sunday Aunt Em, Uncle Eric, and cousin Eleanor come in to town!

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Emily, Brian, & Champ said...

oh my god how freakin cute is that little turkey!!!! he's awesome =) so you said he didn't have any toys..guess he does now huh? haha that pic of him and melky is too cute (my comp wasn't working well yesterday, so today the pictures finally showed up)