Monday, October 6, 2008


We are in Minnesota now hanging out at my brother's apt. We came in Friday morning for my cousin Manda's wedding. Mattingly was super on the plane and then had a fun day of hanging out with Aunt Katy(and Uncle Joel later); while I was in the wedding. Saturday my sister, brother in law and Ella met us here and we went to an orchard. I bought Ella a donut against her mother's will. That was fun. You have to spoil them a little right?! It was really cool that they were here for a wedding which was on Friday as well so it worked out perfectly. :) Saturday night we went to my grandma's for dinner with my aunt and uncle and Joel and Katy. Then yesterday we went to my friend Tamara and Nobong's house. We weren't there very long though b/c their son started throwing up. Then we walked to Target b/c it is so close to Joel's apt. That was cool. Good thing I'm not within walking distance there or half of the other things they can walk to! Today we are just hangin out. I think I may call my aunt to take us out for a little bit. I will post the pictures when I get home. We fly in at 10:20pm tonight! So it may be a few days. I will need to recover!! (PS. We miss daddy; he couldn't make the trip b/c it was so much $ to fly)

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