Friday, December 7, 2012

Mya's Update

We all have had little colds here for about 2 weeks now so we use quite a few tissues. I used 2 at a time yesterday and put them down next to Myla and when I looked down at Myla she had them in her hands and was wiping her nose with them. It was the cutest thing ever. She's becoming quite a little character picking up on the different things we do and trying to do them herself. Even going potty. She loves the little potty so I sat her down on it and she went the tiniest bit. Coincidental I'm sure but hey at least she sat! She also enjoys all the girly things. Loves bracelets! She even wears my hair elastics as bracelets. I bought a bunch for her and she walks around holding her arm up so they don't fall off. Also probably about 6 weeks ago now she found Laura's small purse and put it on her shoulder. She walked around the house like a little diva. It's amazing to me that she knows to do this. Granted she sees me but I can't remember Mattingly as interested in doing this. I know he would wear my jewelery but not as insistent. I love it!! She is even keeping her headbands in longer. :) She must have about 20 of them. It's almost an addiction for me. Oh and Aunt Kristin bought kids finger nail polish for her birthday so Myla sits there while I paint and dry her nails! Mymy is becoming more aware of where Mattingly is and looks around the car when we drop him off at school. Once we go inside to pick him up she wants to run around with all the kids. I would like to find a little program for her when Mattingly starts going to school longer. She is definitely more social than Mattingly; most likely b/c she's not the only child. She will wave to cars and stand in the store staring at people and smile while rubbing her belly. Everyone thinks she is adorable. Everywhere we go people comment. And she eats up the attention! (Wish I could post pictures) Maybe I can start a new blog....


Emily said...

you need to call me about the blog thing--is it with blogger?

Eric said...

Let's get this picture thing figured out so we can get some updates and pictures again.

Myla might be potty trained before Edie ??!!?!?!?!?