Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

All of went to the beach Labor Day weekend for one last beach day. (maybe) Mattingly has really started to get out in the water and enjoy it. He was testing out his boogie board trying to jump on it. A little too close to shore but he managed to catch a few small waves. He has become adventurous in the water. He just goes right in with no problems and no one has to go in with him. He heard Susan and Alan were coming so Janet and I buried him in the sand to pretend Mattingly had left so he could surprise them. We had to take a picture of the 3 cousins so I wrote cousins out in the sand and tried to snap a picture quickly. I have one of them standing nicely that I will post on Myla's blog and then there's this silly one of Lleyton pulling Mattingly in turn pulling Myla but she is pulling Mattingly back b/c she can't walk. It was great. A gorgeous day as well! I'll miss you lots summer!!

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