Saturday, June 9, 2012

4 years old!

How is it possible that Mattingly is now a 4 year old?! WOW! We celebrated by getting a Happy Meal and meeting his cousin Lleyton and grandma at Kid City. Later he enjoyed some ice cream cake. The next day he started Ninja Nastics where he played shy and cried when it was time to start. So Myla and I went with him. He warmed up towards the end of the first 1/2hr of the ninja part and was ready to go for gymnastics. He didn't want to do the rope swing but other than that he did a great job. Here's hoping next week he can venture on his own. (There was only 1 other little boy, which was nice) In the Fall Mattingly will do a preschool program 3 days a week which I'm sure will also take some time for him to get used to. But I know he will enjoy time to meet new friends and be away from me. I will also enjoy the time! What else...he can be a very sweet boy and also very stubborn and angry. I have to admit some of that probably is because of the TV. He likes to see me dressed up and will call me "beautiful" as well as saying Myla is "so cute" or he wants to "squeeze her cheeks". He is a junk food junkie with a capital J!!! He will snack on stuff all day long and never eat a single meal or thing good for him. He enjoys getting up before me and helping himself to whatever is in the freezer or cabinets and then hiding the left overs under a blanket on the couch. Therefore, our couch is pretty much trashed. He is growing up so much!

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JRDisch said...

Just wait until you start finding vitamins all over the house! haha, I wonder if he'll get that Emily and Megan trait!