Sunday, April 17, 2011

We went to Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam yesterday for their Easter egg hunt. It was a lot more organized and fun this year but still FREEZING cold! Mattingly wanted to collect all of the big eggs but I told him he had to leave some for the other kids. When he filled up his egg carton he was able to collect a little prize. He chose dog stickers. They had an egg toss, and decorate a visor and the egg on a spoon walk but Mattingly didn't really want to do that. Maybe next year. We were going to on a hayride but then it started to sprinkle. Hopefully the sun will be out next year!

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JRDisch said...

What a guy! It looks a bit fall-ish not spring-ish. Ish, it's almost winter here! We were supposed to get snow, but luckily didn't.