Monday, September 6, 2010

Rock Cats Game

One of the players, Mark.

I decided since it was such a beautiful day out yesterday why not go sit at a baseball game. It was one of the last Rock Cat's games so Mattingly and I headed out. We walked around and then sat down for the entire game! (with a short recess to get an ice cream) Mattingly had a great time. He cheered for the Twins and the Yankees and A Rod. He would tell me to look at the guy hitting and say oh miss it if the batter missed or an outfielder missed. He'd clap with everyone else and watched intently as a guy tried stealing and got a little upset when called out. After the game we stood in line so he could run the bases. He was extra excited to do that until he ran in to one of the mascots, he turned and headed back the other way!

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Emily said...

so cute and a good idea to go to the game. :) I love that he turned the other way when he saw the mascot.