Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sesame Place

We finally ventured out of Connecticut as a family!!! This time I wasn't alone. =) We took a 5 hour drive (with traffic) to Pennsylvania to see Elmo and friends. It was definitely worth it. Saturday we hung out and went to the outlets, which sadly weren't anything special. Sunday we headed to the park on an overcast day. But it was nice b/c then we weren't too hot. Mattingly of course was frightened of the characters when they were close but would wave hello or goodbye from a distance. He loved going on the tea cup ride with daddy. I couldn't do that one. I was sick from the merry go round. We got our picture taken with Elmo and after he even gave him a high 5. We watched a few of the shows they put on and the parade and we were pooped. Monday wasn't as busy and it was warmer since the sun was out. The lines were shorter for the rides so we took advantage of that and then we headed over to the water area. Mattingly had a blast there. He was afraid of the huge area with the big bucket that dumps water every few minutes but they had a few wading pools with sprinklers that were nice. Since we had a season pass we got 30% off food and merchandise! Oh and the hotel did free airbrush tattoos that I made Mattingly do b/c I knew he'd like them after they were done. So he got a cookie monster one and a dinosaur. We'll have to do it again in a few years! =)

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Emily said...

Are you kidding me with
1 how skinny and cute you look in that bathing suit
2 why you wore that bathing suit to a kids theme park?
I hope Mark appreciates how hot his wife is. ;) Looks like you had a lot of the shot of Mattingly and Mark in their baseball hats.