Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mini quad, trampoline and slide!

One of Mattingly's Christmas presents from us was a mini quad. A few weeks ago when it was 50 degrees out I decided it was perfect to take him out on it. He didn't quite get the concept of if he holds the button down he'll keep moving instead of pushing it and letting go quick. A few times he was able to do it and he thought it was so funny. He also brought his cell along for the ride incase anyone called!

One of Mattingly's great aunts and some 2nd cousins gave him a mini trampoline. He enjoys that from time to time. I'm sure as he gets older he'll like it even more! And then another great aunt and 2nd cousin gave him a mini slide. (I'm not sure if they know how big our house is) He likes standing up on that and trying to walk down. It's a little small for that. Plus he fell back one week and got a "boo boo".

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