Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sleigh Ride

Last Tuesday while my sister was here we decided we wanted to take a sleigh ride. My dad, Em, Eric, Ella, Mark, Mattingly, and I headed to Allegra Farms in Colchester and did just that seeing as how we had just received a foot of snow. It was exciting because it was our first sleigh ride (except Eric). It wasn't as I had pictured but it was nice. I thought we'd go faster as we went out into the fields but it's probably just as well. It was windy (well for everyone except Thibs 3) and Mattingly lost his boot (which was recovered). The men that guided (is that the word?) the sleigh and the horses had been featured in a few films which was interesting to hear about. How many takes they had to do just for a little clip in a movie is crazy!

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