Saturday, October 31, 2009

Monkey boy

I bought Mattingly a monkey costume (of course) for Halloween. We had a parade at the daycare yesterday and he needed one for that so Mark took him out trick or treating tonight. He didn't really want to go. He was tired but once he did Mark said he liked it. He went to about 5 houses on our street. Not many people were giving candy out, which is fine because he doesn't need it! He was so cute carrying his baseball bag around like a big boy. He was trying to say "trick or treat" before he went out and Mark was trying to get him to say that and "thank you" but he was too shy Mark said. Oh well he enjoyed the candy after. =)

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Emily, Brian, & Champ said...

freakin cutest thing! bri asked me what mattingly was being, of course i couldn't remember but i told him i would bet my life he was going to be a monkey haha too cute